March 27, 2017

Idaho Elk and Mule Hunts


Elk & Mule Deer Hunts : Idaho Outfitter guiding Archery Elk hunts & Combination Riffle Elk & Mule Deer Hunts. We also provide Drop camps in idaho’s Remote West Central Mountains with over 200 square miles of road less area, our Idaho wilderness is abundant with Elk and Deer.

Our hunts are 7 day hunts: 1 day in, 5 full days of hunting, and 1 day out. Our Idaho Archery Elk & Mule Deer season runs August 30th through September 30th. We recommend a 1 on 1 hunt for Archery hunts with no more than two hunters in camp at a time. Our Idaho rifle season starts September 15th during the middle of the elk rutting season, providing you with the opportunity to both hear the hair raising sound of the mature elk bugle and the chance to harvest a trophy bull.

When is the best hunt…. This depends on what type of hunt you are looking for. Early season hunts can be great because of Elk being in the rut, but some some years it’s still very warm and the Elk don’t move around as much, making it more challenging. Late season hunts can have snow challenges, but offers better tracking and more movement of the herds. Our Elk and Mule deer hunts average a 80% success rate, but several factors increase or decrease your odds of harvesting game. How big is the average bull…. everything from a spike to a 7 by 7 , most of our hunters come home with a large 5 by 5 or 6 by 6 bull. While no Outfitter can guarantee you a trophy bull – we however, promise you a memorable hunt and a experience of a life time!

Our Elk and Mule deer hunts are done from our remote back country camps. We ride horseback from Yellow Pine Idaho 2 to 6 hours depending on the camp you are hunting from. Our camps have 14 by 16 wall tents, wood stoves, cots with foams, lanterns, and plenty of fire wood! We generally leave camp horseback or on foot before daylight and spend the day glassing and locating game. After a hard days hunt there’s nothing better than returning to a warm fire and a good meal! We also offer Lodge hunts out of Yellow Pine Idaho, Where lodging and meals are provided. We use Trucks and Trailers to haul the horses to different trail heads.

When choosing a outfitter and a guide , do your research! Like any other profession there’s good, not so good, and well lets just leave it at that! The business of outfitting and guiding is a hands on learning experience. our credibility and continued success is a direct result of who we are and what we know! Are staff at Buck Horn Outfitters are all experienced Hunters, Backcoutrymen, Guides, & Horsemen!

We encourage all our hunters to purchase a Wolf tag as they make a big impact on our Deer & Elk herds.

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