Black Bear Caught With Buck Horn Outfitters

This could be you!

Our Guided Spring black Bear Hunts are done in Unit 25 along the South Fork of the Salmon River. Our area has a healthy population of Black Bears; you can see anything from a typical Black bear in color to a color phase bear with shades of Brown, Blond, to Cinnamon. An average Black Bear can be anywhere from 90lbs to 400 + lbs Depending on age, sex, health, and Season. Bears usually hibernate high in the mountains, so they seek southerly slopes below the snow line for forage when they first come out. Although up to 85% of the Black Bears diet consists of vegetation, the Black Bears can be hard on Newborn Elk and Deer calves as they are Omnivores which means they eat both Plants and Meat; they do make an impact on our Elk and Deer herds. Our Guided Black Bear hunts are done April 15th through June 7th.

Spring Black Bear Spot & Stalk hunts with Bait

We offer Spring Black Bear Spot & Stalk hunts with Bait. Our Hunts are done on the South Fork of the Salmon River, from our backcountry Camp. Our hunts start on April 15th till the end of June 7th. Our camp is a 2 to 3 hour horseback ride in. We typically begin our day riding to prime glassing areas and spend the day Riding, Hiking, & Glassing, especially in our early hunts. In the evenings, we get set up at our bait sites. If it is warm and the Bears aren’t as active on our later hunts, we check our bait sites in the Mornings and evenings. During the day you can relax in camp or go fishing as our camp is right on the river, or go shed hunting, as our camp is in an awesome location to find some nice sheds! You also can have an opportunity to harvest a wolf and bring home a beautiful Pelt on this hunt!

On the arrival day, we provide lodging in one of our cabins, and there are two places to dine in Yellow Pine for dinner or lunch. The morning of pack in, you can unload your gear in our shop by 8 am and go have Breakfast on us at the Yellow Pine Tavern; we typically leave around 10 am to trailer the stock to the trailhead and pack into camp, on-pack out the day if you choose to stay at the cabin that is fine!

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Our hunts are 7 Days ( Arrival Day / Pack In Day with an evening hunt / 5 Full days of hunting ) 

Our Area is a 1 Bear Area

1 ON 1 Guided Spot & Stalk with Bait 3500
2 ON 1 Guided Spot and Stalk with Bait 3000 Per Man

Non-Resident Bear Tag $231.75
Non-Resident Hunting License W/ 3 Day Fishing $185.00
IDFG Depredation Fee $10.00
Non-Resident Wolf Tag $31.75
6% Idaho Sales Tax & 3% Federal Use Tax
Or Rental Vehicles