March 20, 2017


How do I contact you?
We strive to promptly return all questions entered on the website so, click here
If you prefer to talk to a human then call us, Sarah 208-584-3614 or Tom 208-369-8790

What is the length of the hunts?
Elk/deer hunts are 7 days. We ride in on day one, hunt for 5 days, and ride out on day 7.
Cougar hunts are 7 day hunts with 5 full days of hunting.

When is the best hunt?
This depends on what type of hunt you are looking for. Early season hunts can be great because of elk being in the rut, but some years it’s still very warm and the elk don’t move around as much making it more challenging. Late season hunts can have snow challenges, but offer better tracking and more movement of the herds.

What is Buck Horn’s success rate?
Our elk hunts average an 80% success rate, but several factors will increase or decrease your odds of getting a bull. First and foremost are weather conditions which we have no control over, but just as important is the hunter’s willingness to adapt to conditions.
Our cougar hunts have a 100% success rate.

How big is the average bull?
Everything from spikes to 7×7 are abundant in our area, but most hunters come home with a large 5×5 or 6×6.

What areas do we hunt? How big is Buck Horn’s area?
Our area includes units 20A, 25, and 19. Our area is over 200 sq. miles, including 30 miles of the South Fork of the Salmon River, and numerous alpine lakes and creeks.

How do we get to Yellow Pine? What are the accommodations like?
There are numerous commercial flights into Boise where hunters then rent a vehicle and make the 3 ½ hour drive to our base camp in Yellow Pine. We provide a detailed map and haven’t lost a hunter yet! We provide Lodging at the Alpine Village in Yellowpine and meals are served at our cabin.

What is the ride to camp like?
We have a well maintained trail into camp. From base camp, it is a 2 to 6 hour ride that is breath-taking, but not for the faint of heart. Our horses and mules can make the trip blindfolded, but hazards are always present. Rocks, fallen logs, washouts and bees nests are common. It’s gorgeous and well worth the effort, but it’s not a leisurely ride through a meadow.

What are any additional costs I should be aware of?
Rental car, meat processing & shipping are not included in the price of the hunt. Antler mounting and shipping are also not included. We STRONGLY recommend our hunters obtain some sort of medivac insurance, usually for around $50 in the event of a medical emergency. Every effort is made to ensure hunters safety, but accidents and medical crisis do occasionally happen. We take care of lodging accommodations in Yellow Pine prior to and after the hunt.

When do we need to book a hunt by?
We are allocated a set number of out-of-state tags every year by the F&G. Once those are gone, we have a much harder time guaranteeing tags. We recommend booking by April to ensure tags are available.

What is expected of hunters?
Everything we ask of our hunters is what we demand of ourselves. Realistic expectations; willingness to adapt to conditions; a positive, fun, adventurous attitude; honor, integrity and patience.